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Thursday, 30 June 2016

How is Fairfax Media sustainable?

Fairfax Media believes robust, resilient and future focused companies are essential for New Zealand’s economy, especially in a tougher market. Here are some examples of how Faifax Media practices sustainable business in New Zealand.

Our paper
Show details for Fairfax Media’s newspapers are made from waste wood fibre that would otherwise end up..Fairfax Media’s newspapers are made from waste wood fibre that would otherwise end up..
Our environment
Hide details for Fairfax Media has a strong commitment to the environment. Fairfax Media has a strong commitment to the environment.
The Printing and Distribution business unit is engaged in considerable environmental initiatives to improve recycling and reduce energy usage, our carbon footprint and emissions. These initiatives are aligned with emerging government requirements and also assist in reducing costs.

All aluminium plates, plastics, cardboard, ink and rags from the print sites are recycled. Energy consumption has been reduced through the installation of energy efficient equipment such as insulation, lighting controllers and sensor lights; and water saving actions including modified cooling towers and flow restriction devices.

New offices provide us with an opportunity to improve our energy footprint. A sustainable commuting plan was developed to provide employees with several commuting alternatives including public transport, cycling and walking. Supporting facilities such as bike lockers and changing facilities are also provided.

Earth Hour
For the last three years, Fairfax Media has been actively involved with the development and organisation of “Earth Hour”, which has gained international support for action against global warming.
Our community

Fairfax is a leading supporter of New Zealand’s key media industry events encouraging creative development including the CAANZ Media Awards, CAANZ Axis Awards, CAANZ Effie Awards, NZ Marketing Awards, Fairfax / Ad Media Agency of the Year Awards, and Fairfax Media AWARD Copy School. Other media events it supports include the Sir Terry McLean Awards, NZ Students’ Press Association Awards and the Mike Robson Fellowship.

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